Game of Thrones' Season 6's Best Moments & Scenes

Season 6 of 'Game of Thrones' was literally ice and fire and had some very important moments that cannot be missed. So, as this Sunday Season 7 premieres and as i didn't do my usual Best Moments and Scenes post last year, what better way to get ready for the new one than to do it now. So, catch up with S6's best Moments and Scenes as there are quite a few. There are entire episodes in this because the season was absolutely amazing. Check them all out after the cut!

Starting things chronologically, because there's no other way, the first moment that really touched my heart had to be when Sansa in 'The Red Woman' (6x01), as she finally escapes from Ramsay with the help of Theon and encounters Brienne and Podrick. She finally allows Brienne to pledge her loyalty to her and protect her with her life, and Sansa knows if the had listened to her before and hadn't trusted Littlefinger, she wouldn't have fallen in Ramsay's hands and she wouldn't have been tortured and raped by him. And Brienne is finally happy to vow to Sansa as she promised to do so to Catelyn Stark.


Oona Laurence, the new Sofia girl

Oona Laurence is 14, she's petite and she's one of the "vengeful bitches" of Sofia Coppola's new film 'The Beguiled', so it's good to keep an eye on her for the things to come.

I've only seen her in 'Orange is The New Black' before playing young Tiffany aka Pennsatucky but she seems to be quite the revelation from the young talent that 'The Beguiled' has. She also played Matilda on Broadway so we're talking about a rising star in the making here. I still have to wait for an entire month to watch the film so in the meantime enjoy this beautiful and fun photoshoot by Danielle Kosann for The New Potato and also, the fun 'Hamilton' vid the cast did starring Miss Laurence for a charity cause. And check out the rest of the pretty photos after the cut!


Music Monday (HAIM, Arcade Fire, Kesha, Kid Wise & Hidrogenesse)

Music Monday post! Here are some songs that i've had on repeat for some time now so enjoy!

Haim - Want You Back
The Haim sisters are back and her new single and vid are amazing. The choreographed music video is fantastic and the song one of the ones that really stands out from their new album. I have to give it a few more listens but this song is the one i liked best, for now. I had to post the vid because i loved it.

Arcade Fire - Creature Comfort
This song is pure fire. After 'Everything Now' that kinda gave us 'Reflektor' vibes but this new track is amazing. I didn't expect much from the new album but after this song my body is ready.

Kesha - Praying
I've always loved fun Kesha, she's got really strong hits like 'Tik Tok' or 'Die Young' but this new track after all she's gone through is really touching and emotional. The lyrics and the music are really beautiful and tearing and she has really done a really great track. And she can really sing.

Kid Wise - Hope
I discovered this song waiting to see Hidrogenesse live and it's really catchy and it only gets better. It's an oldie but it's worth listening because it lightens up your mood and makes you want to dance.

Hidrogenesse - El árbol
And while seeing Hidrogenesse live, this song really caught my attention because of the lyrics. Yeah, it's in Spanish but i could not add it here because it really touched me deep so here it is. 

sources: youtube & spotify

Game of Thrones for Time Magazine

 This amazing photoshoot was released last week but i just could not post it here. Photographed by Miles Aldridge, the main cast of 'Game of Thrones' looks awesome in these new photos that makes us even more anxious about the upcoming Season 7. And talking about the new season, later this week i will make my usual recap of the season to get ready for the new one so keep an eye on that. But in the meantime, let's enjoy this really flamboyant photos from our fave characters on the show, as usual, more after the cut!


TLC's 'Deluxe'

TLC are back! The last time they released an album was in 2002 with '3D' and there they included some vocals by late member Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, but now with 'Deluxe', i think it's the first time they are releasing something by themselves.

Sure it was a really a really hard blow when Lisa Lopes, their most popular and probably, talented member, tragically passed away, and it has been a really hard test for them to keep going as a band, because all three fitted so well together. 'CrazySexyCool' is one of my fave albums and as the title states, each of them had something different that made their three member girlband something unique. From their voices to their personalities, TLC were the biggest girlband in the world and not too long ago were still the most selling girlband ever.

So now what happens with 'Deluxe' where T-Boz and Chilli are by themselves without their most iconic member? The result is not bad. There are songs that are really not bad though not something great, they even have a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, but there are a few ones that really evoke TLC's old glory days and are really really worth listening. Songs about positive feedback as they always do, with tracks like 'Haters' and 'Perfect Girls' or true friendship and missing old dear peers like 'Start a Fire' and 'American Gold', these songs remind me to the TLC i loved back when i was a teenager. So, did they pass the test as a duo? I think with tracks like the ones i mentioned and those meaningful lyrics, they're on the way. So, decide by yourself and take a listen to them below or check out the album here.

sources: TLC


Gus Van Sant's Polaroids

 Gus Van Sant released this book in 1992, a series of portraits of actors, artists and musicians he had taken with his Polaroid camera, and considering the decade and the models, the result is pretty much iconic, and it only gets grander with time.

From River Phoenix, to Patricia Arquette, Nicole Kidman or rising stars at the beginning of their careers like a young Keanu Reeves, Renée Zellweger, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Steve Buscemi, to Patricia Clarkson, Stephen Baldwin, Drew Barrymore and Matt Dillon, including the cast of 'Twin Peaks' during early days of the filming. Every photo looks amazing and owning this book must be something great, because there are a lot more of Polaroids inside. Enjoy the few that i have found and already named, after the cut!


Pretty Little Liars' Series Finale

It's been seven years ever since we were first introduced to Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily during that night in the barn were they last saw Alison DiLaurentis before vanishing, and after that a lot happened.

During the 'Gossip Girl' era the show used cellphone blasts to keep the girls chained to their cells at any time and during any moment in a mysterious case of texts that they were receiving where it seemed that their late friend Alison came back from the dead and was punishing them. But for sure the foursome had a lot of enemies: Jenna as she lost her vision after they pranked her, Spencer's sister Melissa, as her little sister had a thing for her boyfriends, Jenna was bullied by Alison in the past, Aria's dad was romantically involved with a student, anything was a good excuse to keep the girls scared and under A.'s conditions. And the show worked like that, as stupid and lame it seemed sometimes, it always kept you wondering.

Until we finally got the reveal of the identity of A. (after learning that Alison was not really dead and that Spencer was her half-sister as her dad had an affair with Mrs. DiLaurentis). We learnt that Alison had another brother besides Jason called Charles, that was jealous of his baby sister from an early age and became so dangerous to her that they had to put him into the Radley where he transitioned into Charlotte and was known by the rest as CeCe Drake to go incognito. And this worked out because Charlotte always wanted to be Alison and wanted everything she had, and therefore, she was punishing her and her friends because of that. That plot twist was excellent and we never ever thought CeCe had any relevance in the show but the whole thing made a lot of sense. But when in Season 6 they jumped 5 years forward and after getting threads again by someone called A.D. it turned out that it was Spencer's evil twin Alex Drake... Well it didn't work out that well. Because the plot of the lost sibling, twin, half-brother/sister had already been overused in the show, and as they really surprised me before with the A. reveal i was expecting more from the series finale. But well, it's 'Pretty Little Liars' so i cannot really complain.

If i always liked something from the show it's all the nosense it had. Like, it was dumb but fun to watch and intriguing at the same time, and you grow to love the girls a lot. I will be sure missing to see the show and maybe some day i will re-watch everything again, but it was a fun ride these seven years. I wonder what my next guilty pleasure it's going to be.


sources: imdb


'Skam' Season 4 & series' finale

This season of 'Skam' centered on Sana has been... great! Many were complaining about the show's last season not being focused on Vilde, but i think they did the right choice. Not only was Sana the most interesting character to focus on but also there was more to her story than everyone else. And i'm glad they did.

For a starters, Sana had always been this badass girl who stood strong for her beliefs and wasn't afraid to do so under any circumstances and in Season 4 we had seen a deconstruction of all that. She had trouble with her faith and not being normal as her Norwegian friends, and she struggle between being with them despite being different. When i mean, being different, i mean that she had another religious belief and she had to keep being faithful to that. And what we've seen is a lesson of tolerance and how anyone with any beliefs or sexual orientation can be and should be leading a normal life. Just like any other human being because why wouldn't they? In 'Skam' not only did they dig into LGTB rights but also on the terrible misconception that all Muslims are terrorists, which is something awful. And by showing us precisely how life is, they had accomplished a great thing with the show. Not that it changed my perspective on Muslims or whatever, but i'm sure it made a lot of people think about it.

Aside from the religious topic, the plot has also been great. From the buss russ and all the drama with the fake social media accounts, to Sana's infatuation with Yousef, to the reinforcement of some friendships and the strong bond that the girls share, it's been a pleasure to watch. And while it's sad to think that we won't be seeing or Norwegian friends anymore, i think it was right to end it, right before it lost its magical touch. And with that final minute with the speech written to Sana and showing the many comments with the positive response that the show has received it was the perfect brooch to end such a marvelous thing.

'Skam' is definitely among my favorite series list now and i'm definitely doing a top 10 of the best teen shows ever, because this one will rank high. In the meantime, let's remember how precious this season was with some moments and scenes that the show had. After the cut! Hade!


Coppola, Dunst & Fanning for the Dazed Summer Issue

'The Beguiled' ladies, director Sofia Coppola and actresses Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning, are gracing the three covers of the Dazed Magazine Summer 2017 issue, and the three different photoshoots are great.

I'm loving all the promo from 'The Beguiled' because i love the cast and director so much that i can't help but to post these three editorials. There are many more pics at the source below so be sure to check them out. Sofia's latest film opened in the US last weekend and it's getting such a positive response worldwide that i can't wait to watch it (i'll have to wait until August 18th). In the meantime at least i get to see pretty shoots like these, so see them all behind the cut!


Lorde's 'Melodrama'

Now this was an unexpected surprise. When Lorde first came out with her debut album 'Pure Heroine', i didn't like it at all. Like, i listened to it but i didn't dig it and didn't understand why everyone loved it so much. But well to each his own as everyone has their own taste. So, when she released her second album titled 'Melodrama' and released 'Green Light' as the first single, things were different. Because the song is an instant hit and you've got to be crazy not to like it. But despite that, after listening to the sophomore album now i can say that i like Lorde.

The album has a more accessible sound still maintaining her signature style, but everything works out perfectly. The songs make you want to dance while the powerful lyrics hit you hard and all that makes for a perfect album that i can't stop listening now, as surprised as i am. Catchy like fire songs like 'Supercut' or 'Homemade Dynamite', 'Sober', 'Louvre', 'Hard Feelings/Loveless' and so on, there's no bad song in the album. So, below are my fave tracks from 'Melodrama', which i already mentioned but they're really going to be the soundtrack of my Summer. Enjoy!

sources: spotify