6 favorite songs by Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has announced that she's releasing a new album soon and that's good news even though you don't think so. Why? Because her debut album 'Paris', released in 2006, was a pure pop jewel. Sure it contained the basic 2000 pop album sound, similar to those released by Hilary Duff or Ashlee Simpson, but  songs like 'Nothing in This World' or 'Stars Are Blind' remain hit tracks to this day. Maybe you cannot get over the fact that it's indeed Paris Hilton singing this songs and yeah, her voice may not be that good and she doesn't write her own material but if you get over that stuff, the album is kinda good.

So, as we'll have to wait for the heiress to grace us with her new album, here are six songs that you have to admit that are really catchy and fun to dance to, many are from her debut record and 'Good Time' was randomly released but still a great dance song. Listen below!

Stars Are Blind

Nothing In This World

I Want You

DoYou Think I'm Sexy

Turn It Up

Good Time

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Jeff Goldblum for GQ Magazine

 Jeff Goldblum has been photographed by Peter Yang at his home, with his family, capturing a day in the life of the 65-year-old actor and the result is something fantastic.

If there's something about 'The Fly' actor (i always remember him from that film), is that he seems extremely charismatic, elegant and all that makes him really attractive now at his age -i didn't think that when he was younger. But these pics really emphasize that and make out for a funnier and more intimate look at his personal self. And not only that but GQ has interviewed 34 of his famous friends to explain the world according to him, to Jeff Goldblum, so be sure to read the interview at the source and check out more pics from this really great photoshoot of this man, i simply loved it.

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'Stranger Things 2'

The much awaited season 2 of 'Stranger Things' premiered a week ago and obviously it was binge-watched by absolutely everyone and everybody who loved the first season. And while i didn't expect much from it as it's always really difficult to keep up the hype, i was not left disappointed though i was also not impressed. At all.

Season 2 picked up a year after things were left on S1 and while all the characters still pretty charming, some storylines were a bit unnecessary, like all the kids' romances. Max's addition to the gang was something really cool, but why romantically link her to two of the boys so soon? Though thinking about it, that's exactly what happened when Eleven first met the boys. And that's also one of the biggest problems that i saw on this second season, that everything that happens has already happened before. Like S2 follows the same pattern of things as the first season and even the resolution of the conflict is the same one, with Eleven solving everything in the end. They could had bring her sooner to fix things. 

Another factor that made me think that Season 2 wasn't close to the level of perfection than S1 was is that it didn't get me hooked on it until things started to develop in episode 4. Those three episodes from the beginning were simply ok but i really withdraw from the story a lot, like checking my phone just because, for no special reason, because i was bored. And keep in mind that i love 80s nostalgia and i'm sold pretty quick on these type of movies and shows were kids go on bikes to places solving mysteries and having adventures ('The Goonies', 'Super 8', even 'It'!) but here i didn't love it as much. Truth is that after episode 4 i watched te show on two days but the feeling of not having enough like it happened to me during the first season was not happening for me this time.

Also, there weren't any amazing scenes on this new season, or none that i can remember. Like when 'E.T. the extra terrestrial' style, Eleven, while riding with the boys escaping from someone, made the van that was going towards them fly above them, in a really badass move. But in part 2? No memorable moments that i can recall. And it's a shame because this show used to amaze me. 

And the worst thing of it all, and i think we all agree, was episode 7. Like it was a bit necessary to know what happened to Eleven's mom and all but the sister part? A bit unnecessary and boring. Yeah it served El to figure out herself and understand what happened better but dedicating a whole episode to that was a bit too much. The only good thing was the moment where Bon Jovi's 'Runaway' sounds but the rest was pretty meh.

It's not all hating here, because nearly all the new characters were really great, like Max, Bob, adorably played by Goonie, Sean Astin, Lucas' little fierce sister Erica and well, Billy, Max's stepbrother. But overall they were all amazing.

When it comes to the original cast, Steve remains one of my fave characters, like he was made for you to hate on him but he's simply a nerd with good hair but he remains adorable, and his bond with Dustin and the rest was so cute and funny. Nancy was still great though she made some poor romantic choices, while Jonathan still is as boring as i remembered (Team Steve all the way). As for the party, the kids are always great and i loved seeing them in 'Ghostbusters' costumes. When it comes to the adults, Chef Hopper remained the best, and gave us a lot of feelings when he gets granted the adoption papers for Eleven, now Jane, as he lost his daughter years ago. Also, with the super sad death of Bob, there could be a romance in the cards between him and Joyce and we're all rooting for that for Part 3.

Anyway, i ranted a lot about the things that i didn't like from part 2 but at the same time i watched the whole thing in four days so it wasn't that bad. Yeah, it didn't live up to season 1 but it was enjoyable for the most part and the ending ball scene was cute, i got to admit. So, we'll have to wait to part 3 to see the story repeating itself but i hope this time everything is a bit more original.

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Rihanna chanels Queen Nefertiti in Vogue Arabia

Rihanna couldn't possibly look more beautiful or stunning than she does in the November cover of Vogue Arabia, channelling Egyptian queen Nefertiti and photographed by Greg Kadel.

Queen Rih is wearing gorgeous pieces by Gucci, Miu Miu and more, and while the photoshoot is having some criticism over cultural appropriation, I don't think it's wrong to mix cultures occasionally from time to time, especially when the result is this good. After all, Rihanna has a tattoo of Nefertiti on her back.

Either way, the photoshoot is amazing and she looks her best, so after the cut you can see the rest of Rihanna slaying anything she puts on, as the iconic queen that she is.


Beck's 'Colors'

Beck has released his 12th studio album with 'Colors' and this really is a touch of color in his career. The album is a good-feeling record where practically every song is a dance hit with the exception of 'Fix Me', the only song that could be considered a ballad. But there's no bad track on this record, not at all.

From the hit single 'Up All Night' to 'Seventh Heaven' or 'I'm So Free' all the songs cheer you up and make you wanna dance and it's always great to have a full album like this to change your mood, and it's surprising that it's coming from an artist like Beck. But at the same time, you can hear his signature sound on the album so that's really great as this record has been on repeat at my house ever since i first listened to it. So, below are some of my fave songs from 'Colors' but listen to the full album here because it's really a game changer.

sources: diskunion & spotify


'Blade Runner 2049' (2017)

(No Spoilers)

"I've never retired anything with a soul before"
With this quote towards the middle of the film we encounter the struggle that the protagonist faces during the story, but let's not get ahead of that. Because that is the key to the whole story and it's isn't at the same time.

This shouldn't have to be said, but one has to watch 'Blade Runner 2049' without thinking about the 1982 classic. Because, even though it's a follow-up movie from the original Ridley Scott film, it's a completely different world, a different age, and obviously it couldn't live up to the original masterpiece.

For a starters, Denis Villeneuve's new take on the dystopian story has an amazing, breath-taking photography. Cinematographer Roger Deakins not only provides beautiful and astonishing shots but also achieves to create the same environment and urban decay that the 80's classic provided and that's really a win. It blends that decay with modern times and advances in technology but in depth, it creates the same vibe. And it's about time that Deakins wins an Academy Award for his work as he has been snubbed before for his excellent work in 'The Shawshank Redemption' or 'Fargo'.

When it comes to the story, i actually enjoyed it. A lot. I really liked the first half of the movie better, when we get introduced to officer K's life (Ryan Gosling) and his job as a new blade runner in the Los Angeles Police Department. Despite having some similarities with virtual intelligence and love stories as it does in 'Her' -but let's be honest, that's something plausible in a near future, we get to see what Rick Deckard's (Harrison Ford) character would be like now, but this time as a new replicant, or was Deckard a replicant after all? We get answers to that and also this new take makes us wonder many other things but, even though the movie is an enjoyable experience, it doesn't come close to the perfection that the original movie is. And i don't think Villeneuve was attempting to exceed everyone's expectations, but at least he provided a decent sequel and that was no easy task. And maybe it won't make it onto the test of time and people will forget about the film, which has not done as well as it was expected in the box office, but neither did the Ridley Scott movie back then and look at how it's praised now. But if one thing is clear is that, despite its effort, the ending of 2049 is far away from the perfection that it's the ending of the 1982 film.

Anyone who appreciates 'Blade Runner' should watch without any prejudices or expectations this new film, if only for how pleasurable it is to watch it on the big screen. Not only because of the beautiful cinematography but also because it has a really awesome set of actresses (Robin Wright, Sylvia Hoeks, Mackenzie Davis and Ana de Armas) that are complete scene-stealers. Ryan Gosling nicely delivers his part and Harrison Ford is not bad but Jared Leto is totally unacceptable, especially after learning the news that the director originally wanted David Bowie for the role.

Anyway, after the cut you can see some of the shots that i really loved, so i hope you will enjoy it as much as i did if you get to watch it on the cinema.


'Skam's Isak and Even for Interview Magazine

'Skam's most beloved season, Season 3 with Isak as the absolute protagonist, aired a year ago and people are still talking about it. And while it wasn't my favorite (i'm a true S1 lover) anyone who watched knows the importance that particular season had. And that's why a year later Interview magazine is doing a spread with the two young actors that starred in S3.

Tarjei Sandvik Moe (Isak) and Kenrik Holm (Even) are featured in Interview's mag latest issue in a really cool and hip photoshoot by Frida Marklund where two Norwegian rising stars talk about the impact of that season among a teenage and not so teenage audience. Isak's and Even's lovestory was important because i don't think i've seen as many teen shows with gay plots that were as honest, natural and open as it was on 'Skam'. And here another important and key character of this plot was Eskild, an older but young gay character that shared his wisdom about his experience and the views of others on homosexuality. But the pretty picture are, of course, the two lovebirds falling in love, and there's nothing wrong in that, but Eskild should receive a lot more credit.

Anyway, as this shoot was too gorgeous not to post it and truth is that these two share an amazing chemistry, after the cut there are some of my fave takes of the photoshoot but you can check out the rest at the source. Oh, and enjoy this S3 promotional ad that i've never had seen and that perfectly explains Isak's struggle with his homosexuality and his hetero friends. It blowed my mind, literally.


Gianni Versace's Tribute Runway Show Brings 90s Supermodels Back

Donatella Versace did fashion history last night and that was exacty what she intended for her Tribute collection show for her brother, the late Gianni Versace who was assassinated 20 years ago. And what better way to homage her brother than to bring his favorite models he worked with in the 90s?

The Versace runway show during the Milan Fashion Week had all the it models of the moment, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford's daughter) as well as many others, but the show was totally stolen by the ultimate supermodels during the finale: Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen and Carla Bruni. They were the first supermodels and they simply remain iconic, and seeing them together in such an amazing tribute show was simply the most awesome throwback. They don't need any introduction and they're absolute icons so that was the perfect finale show for Versace as it was the 20th anniversary of his death. Naomi, Cindy and Claudia reunited last year for Givenchy proving that they're still the best at their game, but seeing them alongside Helena and Carla in such a special event is something else.

As for the designer's tragic story, we'll get Ryan Murphy's next season of 'American Crime Story' next year but in the meantime you can check out the finale in the clip below and see how these ladies still strut the runway like pros.

sources: theguardian


'Estiu 1993' ('Summer 1993')

Com descriure aquesta petita meravella? Fa mesos que sento que l'òpera prima de la Carla Simón és una petita joia, però no m'esperava tant, i a més que me trenqués el cor. Però tenien raó, és una pel.lícula que t'arriba a molt adins.

La pel.lícula es centra en la petita Frida, qui acaba de perdre a la seva mare quedant-se orfe, i ha d'anarse'n a viure amb el seu tiet i la seva dona i filla petita, just quan comença l'estiu. "Per què no estàs plorant?" li demana un nin a la nena durant les festes del barri, però ella no contesta res. La Frida envolta silenci, por i expectació als seus sis anys i Simón ens transporta a un poblet de Catalunya per veure el seu procés d'adaptació a la seva nova família. De tot d'una té un pare de nou, el seu tio al qui li té gran afecte, una mare nova a qui rebutja i fins i tot desafia, i una germaneta petita, amb la que jugar quan s'avorreix, a la que ignora ja en el seu rol de germana major i a la qui té enveja quan veu la relació d'ella amb el seu papa. Es una situació difícil per la Frida i per tots, qui tracten que la petita es senti com a casa. Tot dins l'ambient relaxat de l'estiu, aquells estius eterns i plens de moments d'avorriment que varem tenir tots aquells que no varem créixer amb una tablet sota el braç.

Un dels grans encerts de la pel.lícula és transportar-nos a la nostàlgia d'aquells estius. La música de Bom Bom Chip, jugar a desfresses, les pulseres de fils, jugar a les Barbies, maquillar-se desastrosament, el sentir l'estiu com a infinit. I tot això a través de la mirada d'una nena que es fa preguntes en silenci. Però això no és el millor del film. Si algo destaca per damunt de tot són les interpretacions de la nova família, començant per la Laia Artigas en el paper de Frida. A través dels seus ulls i del que calla, ens diu tot lo que una nena tan petita pot sentir en aquesta situació. La naturalitat que la Carla Simón mostra i la quotidianitat que aconsegueix en cada una de les escenes del film, és realment el que fa que connectis amb la història tan bé. És un relat simple i alhora complexa, però com tot a la vida a primer cop d'ull pot parèixer que no passa res, quan realment per a dins succeeix de tot.

No hi ha dubte que aquesta petita obra mestre se n'endurà molts de reconéixements apart dels premis que ja se n'ha portat però de lo que no es pot qüestionar es que a la Carla Simón se l'ha de seguir d'aprop ja que ha resultat tota una revolució al cinema espanyol, i el clar exemple és que ens representarà als Oscars amb 'Estiu 1993'! Disfrutau d'aquesta pel.lícula i podeu veure algunes imatges molts adorables darrera el tall.

(English translation)
How can i describe this little gem? I've been hearing about this precious movie, director Carla Simón's first feature, but i didn't expect this much and nevertheless that it was going to break my heart. But they were right, it's movie that really touches you hard.

The film centers young Frida, who has just become an orphan after her mom passed away and she moves into her uncle's house alongside his wife and young daughter right at the beginning of Summer."Why aren't you crying?" one kid asks her while they were playing during the neighbourhood's festivities but she doesn't answer. At six-years-old, Frida is full of silence, fear and is expectant, and director Simón takes us to a small village of Catalonia to see her adaptation to her new family. All of a sudden she has a new father, her uncle who she really loves, a new mother who she rejects and even dares, and a little sister with whom she can play with, as well as she can ignore in her new role as a big sister and at times she's jealous of her after her loving relationship with her dad. It's a really complicated situation for Frida and everyone who try to make her feel like at home. Everything taking place during the calmness of Summer, like those endless Summers full of boredom that we all experienced back then we didn't have a tablet to play with.

One of the biggest accomplishments of the film is taking us to the nostalgia of those Summers. Bom Bom Chip's songs, playing dress up, plastic bracelets, disastrous make-up sessions, the feeling of endless vacations. All this through the eyes of a little girl who makes questions in silence. But this is not the best thing of the movie. The performances of the new family, starting with the acting of Laia Artigas as Frida, whom through her eyes and by what she doesn't say, tells us everything that a little girl in that situation can feel. The simplicity in which Carla Simón portrays ordinary life in each and every scene of the movie is what really makes you connect with the story so well. It's a simple and complex tale at the same time but just like in life, at first sight it might seem that nothing happens when in reality everything is happening inside.

There's no doubt that this little masterpiece will earn a lot of prizes and recognition aside the many that has already received but what can't be denied is that we have to keep an eye on Carla Simón because she's the breakout filmmaker in Spanish cinema, and the clearest example is that 'Summer 1993' will represent us in the Foreign Film category at the Academy Awards! Enjoy this movie and you can see some adorable stills after the cut!


It (2017)

The most awaited movie of the Summer is here and while i wasn't really interested about it as i don't remember the 90s original version, this new adaptation has really surprised me. Because it uses a lot of 80s nostalgia and when done right that's always a win. And here is a total winner.

Based on the 1986 novel by Stephen King, 'It' returns to the big screen to terrify all those who didn't grow up scared by clowns and this remake does really work. For starters, and as i've said, the stars of the movie, apart from the terrifying clown (played by Bill Skarsgard) are a young group of friends who, as they call themselves, are the losers in town. All of them are subject to some nasty pranks and even aggressions by some local bullies and they just accept their roles as proud losers. Here we find a really nice set of buddies, each with their own fears and their own personalities - from the stutter who lost his young brother, to the big mouth who's always talking, the hypochondriac, the fat child, the Jewish, the black kid and the slut (all this stated as a cliche for the others, not because i would describe them like that). But we've got a dysfunctional gang who are about to start 1988's Summer with a mission. "It's Summer, we should be playing," it's often repeated, but the loss of Georgie, Bill's little brother, makes them take a quest on finding him or at least know what happened in a town where a few kids have gone missing.

This group of friends and their unique personalities is what stands out from the movie and makes you feel like one of them, endlessly riding bikes all Summer. Because after 'Super 8' and 'Stranger Things', we all got that 80s nostalgia from awesome classics like 'The Goonies' and that bunch of buddies we felt like our own. And that's why a terror movie like 'It' finds its success, because it makes you feel like watching one of those good old adventure movies.

Aside from that, the clown and the whole plot is shaky but not terrifying. Yeah, you get a few scares but it's not something you wouldn't be able to sleep at night. At least for adults. As Pennywise, the clown, does, the real life terrors is what at the end, scares us the most. A bunch of cruel bullies, a father who's aggressive with you, who's inappropriate, an old spooky painting, the fear of falling sick. These are fears that anyone could feel and that's what Pennywise works with. And all this makes 'It' the success of the Summer.

I was really surprised by how much i liked it as i had no expectations whatsoever and didn't watch the trailer because of reasons. But it's the perfect Summer to bid farewell to the Summer. Go watch if you haven't already!